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Adli Entomoloji, Makale, Adli Makale

Lucilia silvarum Meigen, 1826 (Diptera: Calliphoridae), A new species of interest for forensic entomology in Europe

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Adli Entomoloji, Makale, Adli Makale
Adli Entomoloji, Makale, Adli Makale

Heike Fremdt, Krzysztof Szpila, Johannes Huijbregts

Anders Lindström, Richard Zehner, Jens Amendt


In Europe, the blowfly genus Lucilia is represented in Forensic Entomology mainly by the species L. ampullaceaL. caesar,L. illustris and L. sericata. In the US, Lucilia silvarum is rarely recorded as a carrion breeding species but usually as a more or less exclusive parasite of frogs and toads. We present three forensic cases from different European countries reporting, for the first time, L. silvarum on human bodies that were found close to lakes, wetlands, or riversides. To use this species for post-mortem interval estimations, thermal development data is needed. The first step is accurate identification by morphological and molecular means. Therefore, we analysed a 611bp part of the mitochondrial COI region for 23 specimens of L. silvarum from 9 different geographical regions, all of which give the same haplotype. Differences within the haplotype varied by up to 0.2%. Comparison between the haplotype found and those published on GenBank showed up to 1.2% variance. Moreover, we present an updated key for the morphological identification of the third larval instars of European Lucilia spp. of forensic importance, adding not only L. silvarum, but also L. cuprina which was recorded in Europe for the first time about 20 years ago.

Keywords: Forensic entomology, Blowflies, Lucilia silvarum, Case report, Cytochrome c oxidase I, Identification key


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